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Health Insurance


Whether you are temporarily or permanently residing in South Africa, it is normal to have some kind of health insurance arranged to avoid high medical bills for treatments. Discover more about the different types of health insurance available, their main features, and how to decide on which types best suit your requirements in this informative report.

Make sure you are aware of any complimentary non-medical features that are part of your policy. These benefits can sometimes include gym and swimming membership, sports massages or even fitness training sessions which can help you to remain in good health to an extent. If you take part in these activities anyway, then you can save a lot of money by doing them free under the allowances of your health insurance scheme. If you remove these other costs from your lifestyle, it can make your premiums look much more reasonable for the benefits you are receiving. In some cases, the costs of your premiums could even be cancelled out because of the savings you are making.


Furthermore, it is advisable to take advantage of any free preventative programs offered by your health insurance provider. Preventative programs are fundamentally courses that aim to give you solid guidance for keeping harmful illnesses like diabetes, asthma or heart disease at bay. Not only are these advantageous to your health, but are generally extremely pricey - taking part for free as part of your policy can be yet another money-saving benefit. Health insurance premiums can get lower if your provider believes that you are taking proactive steps towards preventing any kind of affliction that will cause you to be hospitalized. Undertaking a preventative program is a good example of a positive step you can take.

Finally, you can save on your health insurance by insuring other family members under the same policy. If you have a partner or any children and wish to buy health insurance for them, then your premiums can see large discounts should you use the same policy for all of these individuals. It’s simple: your health insurance provider knows that you’re likely to take out health insurance for the rest of your family if you have it yourself, so they’ll want to keep your custom when you insure them. Therefore, they’ll offer you discounts for family health insurance which means you can save money by using the same policy for yourself and your loved ones.

This should give you a basic idea on how to save on your health insurance. Remember, it’s not about changing your policy to give you less coverage at a lower price; it’s about insuring your whole family under one policy and using the benefits that the plan gives you to cancel out the costs of your premiums. With these simple steps, you’ll be saving in no time and will have the peace of mind that you and your family are still totally covered when it comes to the important matter of healthcare.


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