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Car Insurance


If you are looking for a fully comprehensive car insurance policy that encompasses additional services into the premium, you could find that investing your money into some extras can eliminate the hassle that follows a significant event where you need to claim. Here, we tell you more of some of the benefits that you can add to your South African insurance whilst on the road.

Unfortunately, cars do take the opportunity to break down from time to time: a trait which can be highly inconvenient if you need to use your car frequently. For those who rely on their vehicle for work, family or other services, investing in an insurance extra which guarantees you a courtesy car whilst your usual vehicle is temporarily written off can mean that you eradicate a horrendous amount of inconvenience from an already difficult situation.

Of course, when your car does breakdown, you can’t just leave it on the roadside (and with car theft in South Africa above-average, you can unfortunately see why). Roadside breakdown cover can see you get a qualified professional to visit you and your broken-down car in as quick a time as possible. Not only can the professional address your car and see if the problem can be rectified there and then, but many also have the means to have the car towed away to a local mechanics in the event of a lost cause.

With roadside cover in South African car insurance policies, requesting roadside assistance isn’t as clear cut as it may seem at first. This is because many insurers only have working relationships with selected breakdown cover companies, resulting in the service you receive only restricted to that from some companies. It can be an incredibly wise decision to obtain all of the contact details of your emergency breakdown cover service in the event of your vehicle malfunctioning and storing it in your car for a rainy day.

Remember the protocol for contacting a roadside assistance service: you need to give them details. Be sure to have a good analyse of your car can help you to determine the general problem before you contact them, as then you will be able to convey what your opinion is of the malfunction that has occurred. This is important because some companies have specialised roadside mechanics for different situations. Being observant of your location can also be important so you can direct the roadside breakdown cover to your location.

Safety is key when your car breaks down on the road and you need to make sure that you take steps to protect your car as much as possible from any damage. This means ensuring that your hazard lights are on and that you and your car are as off the road as possible. The last thing you need is your car being written off because another driver has rammed into the back of it after your car breaks down unexpectedly.

There are many extras to consider when investing in car insurance. Yes, they may seem far-fetched when you are obtaining insurance, but being protected in a difficult situation can give you the assurance you need.


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