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Assuarnce about Insurance

Why Have Insurance?

CoupleWhenever anyone hears the word insurance, they are either terrified by it or exhilarated by it. It is renowned throughout the world so there is no reason why South Africa should be any different. The real question is: does anyone even understand it? There is so much curiosity surrounding the subject of insurance that most people ...
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Saving On Insurance

Man When paying less for insurance, it can be difficult to cover your belongings properly. In general, the less you pay, the less your insurers will cover you.  This article is geared towards helping you lower your insurances by offering tips and tricks to crush that quote and ensure you get the best deal possible...
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Comparing Insurance

Insurance, particularly for the young and those who have made claims previously, can be very expensive. This is where knowing more about insurance can help. A more comprehensive knowledge of insurance can help you to get the best cover for your money. After all, knowing insurance terms and what they mean could help you to define the features out of a policy that you would need most and the insurance company that offers them for the lowest premium.

Looking around a variety of insurers, by going to their websites or by visiting an insurance broker (who may be partial to certain companies and could cost you money), can help you to determine for yourself where you are most likely to get the best deal. In these challenging economic times, every cent counts and investing time into doing research on insurance could result in savings.

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